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Winemaker hands ….


Michael and I selling Valley Girl Wine’s wares at a Día de Los Muertos event in Viñas de La Erre. Saludos!


So lucky to have my beautiful daughter and Michael here

Sitara Perez

Great Grapes = Happy Winemaker. Me at one of my favorite vineyards in Valle de la Grulla.

Sorting Grenache berries

Shoveling grape skins in my signature pink winemaking boots

I have a tradition where I put a candle for every year I’ve been making wine in the last “cake” (pressed grape skins) of harvest

I’m in a cement fermentation tank shoveling grape skins out as we go to press

Every once in awhile we have to sample the goods!

Winemaking is NOT glamorous. It’s hard work!!! Here I am filling the basket press with grape skins.

One of my winery dogs, Buster, in his wine barrel bed

Releasing a new wine at my ranch, El Corcho Rosa



2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  • Gaah! I can’t wait to visit your ranch and winery! To meet you all over again! And I am a huge wine enthusiast/ lover of wine 😉

    • Hey Michelle, so great to hear from you! You are invited to my ranch anytime. I’ve got plenty of wine to share, lol. Please do come and tip a cup with me and my kids 🙂 xoxox

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