Like a Virgin

Grenache going into the small basket press

My car is buzzing with fruit flies. Why? Because I pressed my Grenache and Syrah, brought the cake home and tossed it in the driveway. Huh? Let me back up here. My luscious Grenache and my sensitive Syrah went through perfect fermentations. These “girls” are developing distinct personalities, btw. The Grenache is a fun, happy, slightly naughty girl …











Color Me Cumbia


My sleep patterns are irregular these last few days and I’ve been ignoring my housework. I’m eating on the run and neglecting my correspondence. I’ve got crud under my fingernails, my eyes are bleary, my muscles ache, my clothes are stained purple and I’m listening to altogether too much oompa loompa Cumbia. Am I having a nervous breakdown? NO! I’m a new winemaker who can’t stop hovering over her grapes! Woo hooo!

Ezekiel is a seasonal worker from Chiapas who helped pick my Grenache












Give Me Some Sugar (for my Grapes!)

Brix is a winemaking-specific term which indicates the percent of sugar in unfermented grapes. The Brix scale is used along with other indicators to help determine when the fruit has reached its optimum maturity and is ready to harvest. Right now grape growers and winemakers are all in a tizzy anxiously discussing the condition of Read more about Give Me Some Sugar (for my Grapes!)[…]

An Unrepentant Wine Lover Learns How Not to Fall in Her Cups

 I’m the only American. And the only blonde in the winemaking course I just started at Hugo D’Acosta’s famed school, la Estación de Oficios, affectionately known as “la escuelita.” I inadvertently moved two blocks away from the school when I found my little rental house in April during my four day reconnaissance trip here to Read more about An Unrepentant Wine Lover Learns How Not to Fall in Her Cups[…]