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Passion in Sharing the wines of Baja Mexico with the world
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From a bright summery blend to barrel-aged Cab and small batch experimental releases, we have a wine for every palate

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Get to know our lively girls, perfect for every season and all occasions!

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Come experience the wine where it is made!

Our Mission...

is to awaken the heart, engage the senses and spark the imagination in everyone
  • Every vintage is a unique expression of everything that happened that year

  • Wine, after all, is all about stories, and every bottle of wine you open is somebody’s story.

  • Our passion is here. Our work is here and our lives are here in Guadalupe Valley. Come and find out what turns us on.

The Valle Girl Vino Team

Sitara Monica Perez

Founder / Winemaker / Mom

Ava Nirvana Perez

Manager / Content Creator / Valley Girl Tours Owner

Si Fisher & Emilee Cole

Business Development – Wine Bar Management

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